Black Panzer
Creature blackpanzer
Basic Information
Attack style Close offensive
Race Human
Gender Male
Researched Information
Introduced In ????
Cain's forces • Kingdom’s Army (formerly)
Related Creatures
Assault PanzerWhite PanzerPanzer (Original)
Cain's Guardian • Soldier
Black Halberd
Black Panzer Slot Icon

Availability - Level 2

Purchase Price - 3000 Cash

Return Price - 800 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 380
Energy 150
Speed 25.0
Attack Speed 9.0
Vision Range 35
Speed (distance) 8.0
Recovery Time 2.0
Cell Point 990


Abilities Type Contents
Very Fast Approach [Non-attack] Normal Moves quickly towards the nearest enemies
Stab [Melee] Normal Stabs an enemy at close range
Raise Halberd [Melee] Normal Quickly raises the halberd and attacks downward


Guardian Creature of Cain, who's movespeed and attack speed are greater than that of the original Panzer.


  • The Black Panzer is a beast from the east.
  • What makes this creature unique, is it's move speed, which surpasses all of the Characters' basic move speed stat.
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