A New History of Rakion starts now!

Rakion Class Advancement System finally opens to the public!!

What is the class advancement?

Now, you can meet brand-new weapons and contents of Rakion. Reach level 99 with any the 5 characters and battle wearing brand new weapons. You will find it all new and much more exciting than ever.

How to do the class advancement?

First, Meet the required conditions!

Below are the prerequisites for class advancement.

  • Level 99
  • Above 50 of Stage S Ranks
  • More than 1000 wins

[!] Once above conditions are met, this icon will show right next to your character in game.

Two, Clear 2 class advancement stages!

  • Create stage room and click start button. Gold will be deducted then.
  • Clear Stage 1 with more than Rank A and be qualified to challenge Stage 2.
  • Clear Stage 2 with more than Rank A. Class Advancement Succeed!

[!] If you clear Stage 2 with Rank S, secondary weapon & one protect bead will be rewarded by post~!

What are the advantages after the Class advancement?

Advantage One, You can use much stronger and brand new weapon, the second weapons in battle~!

  • One more usable weapon for all characters is added. Try these brand new weapons with brand new appearances and animations~!

Advantage Two, You can equip Protect bead ~!

  • Advanced characters can counter attack by wearing this class advancement item, Protect bead.

Other changes after the class advancement update include,
[!] Once you succeed a 1st Class advancement, level will be reset. However, stats remain unchanged.
[!] There are no additional stats for leveling up.

Many other contents are being prepared. Look forward to it~

Swordsman: Spear

Can attack even more widely using a long spear!

Glimpse of the Swordsman's Spear

Swordman Spear ver beta

Swordman Spear ver beta.wmv

Advancement swordsman

Archer: Cross-bow

Very powerful three in a row attack and some more!

Glimpse of the Archer's Cross-bow

Rakion Archer New weapon Crossbow

Rakion Archer New weapon Crossbow.wmv

Advancement archer

Blacksmith: Fist

Can attack more speedily using the fist now!

Glimpse of the Blacksmith's knuckles

Rakion Blacksmith New weapon Fist

Rakion Blacksmith New weapon Fist.wmv

Advancement blacksmith

Mage: Scythe

Fabulous approaching attack using a powerful scythe!

Glimpse of the Mage's Scythe

Rakion Mage New weapon Scythe

Rakion Mage New weapon Scythe.wmv

Advancement mage

Ninja: Chakram

Can attack using a Chakram on each hand with the splendid action motions!

Glimpse of the Ninja's Chakram

Rakion Ninja New weapon Chakram

Rakion Ninja New weapon Chakram.wmv

Advancement ninja

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