Crossbow (Original)
Creature crossbow
Basic Information
Attack style Ranged attack
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Researched Information
Introduced In Stage 1 - Sacrifice of Zadro (Level 1)
Related Creatures
Black Crossbow
Crossbow Slot Icon

Availability - Level 8

Purchase Price - 4500 Gold

Return Price - 1800 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 100
Energy 140
Speed 2.0
Attack Speed 3.0
Vision Range 40
Speed (distance) 2.0
Attack Speed (d.) 3.0
Recovery Time 5.0
Cell Point 650


Abilities Type Contents
Approach [Non-attack] Normal Moves towards the nearest enemies
Shoot [Ranged] Normal Shoots an arrow to an enemy
Boot [Melee] Normal Kicks an enemy at close range


An archer soldier who belongs to Tog a troop consisting of only dwarf archers. Shoots consecutively to short-range enemies.


Dwarves equipped with crossbow. They participated in war actively in the past and their group, named 'togue' famed as the strongest archer unit. They used to work out strategies such as ambush attack, concealing their small body or do concentrated shoot at the enemy. They are good at hand skill and supply arrow themselves.


It takes slightly long time to charge bows. They hit enemies who get near with bow range. Crossbow is not powerful but its speed can deter other creatures from getting close.


  • Crossbow is one of the few creatures that can be attacked even when knocked down.
  • It is unknown where they get their arrows from.
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