Dragon (Original)
Creature dragon
Basic Information
Attack style Attacking the magic
Race Dragon
Researched Information
Introduced In Stage 5 - The Forbidden Area (Level 1)
Related Creatures
White DragonBlack DragonTwin-head DragonGolden Dragon
Dragon Slot Icon

Availability - Level 35

Purchase Price - 45000 Gold

Return Price - 18000 Gold


  • You have to be a Power Card User to purchase this item.

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 90
Energy 260
Speed 3.0
Attack Speed 8.0
Vision Range 100
Speed (distance) 6.0
Attack Speed (d.) 6.0
Recovery Time 0.15
Cell Point 3000



  • Dragons can't attack when summoned above ground, the summoned unit will continue fall down slowly until the creature reaches the height to attack.
  • It will take some time for this creature to attack after being summoned to the battlefield.
  • Sometimes when this creature dies, it uses the Burning Breath ability until it disappears.
Abilities Type Contents
Fly [Non-attack] Normal Flies towards the nearest enemies
Burning Breath [Ranged] Fire Magic

Burns enemies dealing multiple amounts of damage. (AOE)

Spit Fire [Ranged] Fire Magic

Spits a fast moving projectile made of fire. (Homing) (Knockdown) (AOE)

Claw [Melee] Normal Hooks an enemy at close range.


A strong dragon that burns enemies by belching fire and destroys weak enemies by hooking them with claws.


Dragon is the king of the monsters that maintains the balance of the world. It hibernates most of its life time. Extensive research on dragon's communication was carried out by a Human but so far there is much more to be revealed.


It is the most powerful creature of all. If it is not contested with large number of creatures or enemy there is no creature which can defeat a dragon. It fires inferno flame from the sky setting fire on ground or enemy. Sometimes it attacks with claw from the sky.

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