Golem (Original)
Basic Information
Attack style Close offensive
Race Rock-Mud Elemental
Gender Male
Researched Information
Introduced In Stage 2 - Discovery of Temple (Level 1)
Related Creatures
Iron Golem
Fists • Rocks
Golem Slot Icon

Availability - Level 17

Purchase Price - 12000 Gold

Return Price - 4800 Gold


  • You have to be a Power Card User to purchase this item.

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 100
Energy 400
Speed 2.0
Attack Speed 4.0
Vision Range 50
Speed (distance) 3.0
Attack Speed (distance) 6.0
Recovery Time 0.0
Cell Point 2000




Golem is a 3.5 m giant creature which is formed with stone and mud. It has long arms and scatter mud and piece of stone whenever it moves. It used to be a monster who protects only its area but cell changed its propensity. It has good defense against magic attack.


Golem is the best defensive creature. It throws a big rock at enemy at a long range and swing its big fist at short range. No creature can push a golem back.

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