Green Soul Cannon
Creature GreenSoulCannon
Basic Information
Attack style Ranged attack
Race Unknown
Researched Information
Introduced In ????
Kingdom’s Army
Related Creatures
Soul Cannon
Kingdom’s Main Artillery

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Availability - Level 15

Purchase Price - ????

Return Price - ???? Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 1000
Energy 200
Speed ??
Attack Speed ??
Vision Range ??
Speed (distance) ??
Attack Speed (d.) ??
Cell Point ????


Abilities Type Contents
Approach [Non-attack] Normal Moves towards the nearest enemies
Fire Cannon [Ranged] Normal

Shoots huge ball of explosives into the air and falls down onto the enemies causing huge amount of damage. (Guardless) (Knockdown) (AOE)

Raise Cannon

[Melee] Normal

Quickly raises the cannon and attacks downward. (Guardless) (Knockdown)


In the past this creature whom wields a huge powerful cannon was the main artillery used in wars between different kingdoms.

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