Initialize Stat Point Image

Initialize Stat Points Item

1. What is initializing stat points?

Use Initialie Stat Point Item to reset the stat points used in the character to re-stat the character

2. How to buy initializing stat points

Double click the item in shop for purchase and Item is Instantly used.

3. Users who are not able to use Initialize Stat Point item

Character that does not have any stat points in their stats(There is no stat to be initialized/) Characters using Stat Buff(Initialize Stat point can be used only when Stat Buff is not in effect)

4. Price of initializing stat points

Character level Price
Level 1~17,4 7,000 Cash
Level 16~40 12,000 Cash
Over level 41 19,000 Cash

Questions and Answers

Q1: Buying initializing stat points, what will be changed?
A1: Initializing stat points is a function that can reset your character skill points, allowing you to choose new places to put the skill points. Your skill points will not be deleted and your character will be kept at the same level.
Q2: How to calculate the number of stat points for each character?
A2: (Character’s level - 1 ) x 3 + added points from Power user.
Q3: Will we receive stat points gotten from Power user?
A3: Yes all of the stat points will be given.
Q4: Can I buy Initializing stat points now and use it later?
A4: No, initializing stat points applies immediately.