Iron Golem
Basic Information
Attack style Close offensive
Race Iron-Rock Elemental
Gender Male
Researched Information
Related Creatures
Golem (Original)
Fists • Rocks
Iron Golem Slot Icon

Availability - Level 17

Purchase Price - 12900 Cash

Return Price - 0 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 155
Energy 530
Speed 2.0
Attack Speed 4.0
Vision Range 50
Speed (distance) 2.0
Attack Speed (d.) 12.0
Cell Point 2200


Needs Info


Needs Info


  • This is one of the few creatures that is no longer available in the game, not until Special September, Special Event!! (2012).
    • In the Special September, Special Event!! (2012), this creature can only acquired via "Unique Creature Bag" capsule.

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