Panzer (Original)
Creature Panzer
Basic Information
Attack style Close offensive
Race Human
Gender Male
Researched Information
Introduced In Tutorial Mode
Stage 1 - Sacrifice of Zadro (Level 1)
Kingdom’s Army
Related Creatures
Assault PanzerWhite PanzerBlack Panzer
Panzer Slot Icon

Availability - Level 4

Purchase Price - 2500 Gold

Return Price - 1000 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 90
Energy 180
Speed 3.0
Attack Speed 6.0
Vision Range 35
Speed (distance) 3.5
Recovery Time 2.0
Cell Point 600


Abilities Type Contents
Approach [Non-attack] Normal Moves towards the nearest enemies
Stab [Melee] Normal Stabs an enemy at close range
Raise Halberd [Melee] Normal Quickly raises the halberd and attacks downward


These armored troops used to be the main and majority of kingdom’s army in the past.


Panzer is an infantry lancer. They used to be the main force in the kingdom in the past. They transfix enemy with lance while marching in ranks. There were two types of panzer, one is heavily equipped with a shield and the other with nothing.


Panzer is a approaching unit that has strong single attack. They move to near enemy and transfix with lance. You can use it to put pressure on enemy slowly.


  • In several stages, Panzers are common or the majority of creatures that will appear.
  • There were no Panzers shown in the game equipped with a shield.
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