Red Ice Wind
Creature RedIceWind
Basic Information
Attack style Attacking the magic
Race Angel
Gender Female
Researched Information
Related Creatures
Ice Wind (Original)Black Ice Wind

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Availability - Level 5

Purchase Price - 10000 Gold

Return Price - Needs Info

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 35
Energy 200
Speed 1.5
Attack Speed 4.0
Vision Range 100
Speed (distance) 1.0
Attack Speed (d.) 2.5
Recovery Time 3.0
Cell Point 1300



  • Ice Winds can't attack when summoned above ground, the summoned unit will continue fall down slowly until the creature reaches the height to attack
  • It will take some time for this creature to attack after being summoned to the battlefield.
Abilities Type Contents
Fly [Non-attack] Normal Flies towards the nearest enemies
Freeze [Ranged] Ice Magic Freezes an enemy leaving it defenseless from other attacks. (Homing) (Freeze Effect)


This female mage flies when she moves and use magic to freeze her enemies. Any enemy she freezes will be left defenseless.

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