Soul Cannon (Original)
Creature soulcannon
Basic Information
Attack style Ranged attack
Race Unknown
Researched Information
Introduced In Stage 23 - Sound of War (Level 4)
Kingdom’s Army
Related Creatures
Green Soul Cannon
Kingdom’s Main Artillery
Soul Cannon Slot Icon

Availability - Level 25

Purchase Price - 10000 Cash
[Formerly: 23000 Cash]

Return Price - 0 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 130
Energy 280
Speed 1.5
Attack Speed 4.0
Vision Range 90
Speed (distance) 1.0
Attack Speed (d.) 5.0
Cell Point 2000


Abilities Type Contents
Approach [Non-attack] Normal Moves towards the nearest enemies
Fire Cannon [Ranged] Normal

Shoots huge ball of explosives into the air and falls down onto the enemies causing huge amount of damage. (Guardless) (Knockdown) (AOE)

Raise Cannon

[Melee] Normal

Quickly raises the cannon and attacks downward. (Guardless) (Knockdown)


In the past this creature whom wields a huge powerful cannon was the main artillery used in wars between different kingdoms.

The soul-cannon is generally regarded as the first step in the death of Rakion. Many players were known to have overpowered soul-cannons and dominated every game they played. The most infamous of these players in the Oceania servers was DJ_Kice who single-handedly demonstrated the extent to which people could become cash whores.


Soul cannon was created with import of gunpowder from another continent. It has a big cannon on it right arm and left arm supports cannon when firing. Figures verify between different Kingdoms but its main roll is backing up, main artillery.


When it shoots its cannon, it seizes at one spot and fire a powerful cannon. Fired cannon will bounce on ground a few times before it explodes, damage is deliver even if you get hit by cannon directly. For slow characters it is fearful creature but it can not combat air creatures and if enemy disturbs, when firing, cannon cannot be fired.

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