Taurus (Original)
Creature taurus
Basic Information
Attack style Close offensive
Race Human-Bull Hybrid
Gender Male
Researched Information
Introduced In Tutorial Mode
Stage 6 - Discovery of Temple (Level 2)
Related Creatures
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Taurus Slot Icon

Availability - Level 30

Purchase Price - 30000 Gold

Return Price - 12000 Gold


  • You have to be a Power Card User to purchase this item.

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 50
Energy 400
Speed 3.0
Attack Speed 6.0
Vision Range 100
Speed (distance) 10.0
Attack Speed (d.) 4.0
Recovery Time 0.0
Cell Point 2600



  • Sometimes when an enemy is at close range, this creature attacks immediately using the Charge ability.
Abilities Type Contents
Approach [Non-attack] Normal Moves towards the nearest enemies
Charge [Melee] Normal

This creature goes on a rampage and will attack any enemy on its path. (AOE) (Knockdown)

Launch [Melee] Normal

Lifts its enemies into the air. (Knockdown)


Most powerful creature in approaching battles. Throws enemies in air or rebounds creatures and players.


Taurus is a mysterious unit. The old document said that there was a time of governing of Taurus but they disappeared into the darkness by dragons. There is a rumor that it was made by the gods and human' wrongful desires.


It is the most powerful approaching creature, which is stronger than a Golem. It's resemblance is very close to a bull. It rushes into enemy formation and blow enemies away. You can be warned when Taurus is summoned because it howls unique noise. If there is Taurus you have to carefully watch it, whether is in lowered itself preparing for attack.


  • There are some attacks that are strong enough to knock down this creature.
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