White Blazer
Creature WhiteBlazer
Basic Information
Attack style Attacking the magic
Race Unknown
Researched Information
Introduced In ????
Luman's forces
Related Creatures
Sky BlazerBlazer (Original)Black Blazer
White Blazer Slot Icon

Availability - Level 9

Purchase Price - 13000 Cash

Return Price - 19500 Gold

Basic Stats

Stat Base Amount
Attack 50
Energy 300
Attack Speed 6.0
Vision Range 75
Attack Speed (d.) 5.0
Cell Point 1200



  • Blazers can't attack when summoned above ground, the summoned unit will continue to fall down slowly until the creature reaches the ground.
  • It will take some time for this creature to attack after being summoned to the battlefield.
  • This creature stays where it was summoned and it will not move unless pushed.
Abilities Type Contents
Triple Fire Ball [Ranged] Fire Magic

Shoots blazing magic to enemies in three different directions. (Knockdown)


White blazer deliveranced his knowlegdy by Luman's power and it can shoots horming fireballs with 3 ways to defeat emeny.

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